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Know where you stand before you list your property. Our pre sale building inspections give you a clear report, detailing exactly what you need to do to get your home up to scratch.

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Know exactly where you stand before you list your home

There are so many different considerations to factor in before you list your home for sale. You’ll have huge decisions to make around finance, relocation logistics, and real estate agents. But, the estimated value of your home is a really good spot to start in. The value can depend on so many different factors, however, pre sale building inspections can help you understand exactly where you stand before you list your home.

Have peace of mind as you navigate the sale process

When it comes to the sale of big-ticket items like cars and houses, buyers will naturally try to haggle the price down. Having pre sale inspections completed (and hopefully any issues we’ve found rectified) means you and your real estate agent can negotiate with confidence. You can have peace of mind that your house is in excellent condition, worthy of the price tag.

We’ll complete a visual inspection of your home, as per Australian Standards. If we notice any irregularities, we’ll use modern technology and equipment to further inspect your home, at no additional cost to you.


  • Thermal Imaging Cameras
  • Moisture Meters
  • Termite Inspection Tools

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Combine it with a pest inspection.

Much like the pre-sale inspection itself, the value of a pest inspection cannot be overstated. Our pest inspections can be paired with our pre-sale inspection service. We’ll inspect your home, using thermal cameras, moisture meters and other technology to help detect infestations from pests like termites.

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Rapid & Elite Building and Pest Inspection Services

Thinking about purchasing a house or property? It’s a big choice when you are in any of those situations. Brisbane is a sprawled urban scene filled with properties, homes and businesses just made for living and working in. You want peace of mind when making pre-sale decisions or buying a property. Utilising a qualified building inspector can be the first move in giving you the proper tools for the job. By performing inspections on time and with complete state of the art equipment, we give you the best services at the best price.


Thorough Pest Inspection Services

Pests are invasive and can develop architectural and internal damage and add to timber decay. Above all, termites are one of the most frequent problems. These little critters can attack a home or property and produce severe damage to the timber elements of any property, home or business. Pests can break a building’s value immediately, decreasing your investment to ashes. Our pest and termite inspection services for the greater Brisbane & Sunshine Coast areas give unrivalled solutions.


Unrivalled Residential & Commercial Solutions

We believe in customer to business trust and deliver our services based on the backbone of experience and skills in our field of expertise. We know how critical it is to have safe and secure buildings for our families, friends, customers and loved ones. So we present price effective solutions for our clients that are complete and state of the art. ClearCut Building Inspections has based its performance on trust and professionalism and demonstrates this to all clients, small or big.

Client To Business Trust

One of the focus values at ClearCut Building Inspections is our work ethic and customer relations. We follow in implementing the best attainable services to you, our valued clients and to other businesses. We don’t just do the work right. We make certain you are left with a wonderful experience and the best potential results. We realise how valuable and how much our reports impact your safety and wellbeing and the continuous practice of buying or selling your property, home or business.

Comprehensive Pre-Sale Building Inspection Report

Reliable reporting has never been simpler or more state of the art with our flawless pre-sale building inspection reports. They are easy to read, formatted and displayed in a simple to read style. They combine all the facts, data and plenty of photos that we assemble utilising our professional inspection techniques.

A Pre-sale Building Inspector With An Eye For Detail

When you require a licensed pre-sale building inspector, you want the person with the largest experience and skills to make sure your new property or the one you are about to buy adhere to local and state building laws and is as reliable as reasonable to live in.