Pre Sale Building and Pest Inspections

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Know where you stand before you list your property. Our pre sale building inspections give you a clear report, detailing exactly what you need to do to get your home up to scratch.


What Can You Expect From A Pre Sale Inspection?

You may be already aware of some issues with your property or just want some reassurance that its ok. A combined building and pest inspection specifically reports on the visual condition of your property and is an ideal thing to do before you list your home for sale. All inspections are completed according to Australian Standard AS4349 and all areas of your property that have reasonable access under this standard are inspected. Here is a general overview of the types of items you will find on a report –

  • the details of the property and the areas inspected
  • obstructions in and around the property that hinder proper visual inspection and any inaccessible areas – some of which you may be able to rectify
  • any serious safety hazards that you are unaware of
  • major defects, such as structural problems, water damage and termite damage
  • minor defects including general wear and tear and any maintenance issues that could be repaired
  • confirming it is free of termites or other timber pests
  • making sure a termite management plan is in place
  • conducive conditions for timber pest attack that you may be able to easily resolve before sale
  • a general summary of our findings
  • plenty of photos

All of our reports include lots of photos to make them easier to understand. We also advise you to be at the inspection if you can. It is a lot easier to show a problem to you first hand. If we find anything that doesn’t look quite right, we can investigate further using testing equipment. Your report will be emailed to you generally on the same day as the inspection, and we are happy to speak with you after the inspection to discuss any issues.


Know exactly where you stand before you list your home

There are so many different considerations to factor in before you list your home for sale. You’ll have huge decisions to make around finance, relocation logistics, and real estate agents. But, the estimated value of your home is a really good spot to start in. The value can depend on so many different factors, however, pre sale building inspections can help you understand exactly where you stand before you list your home.

Have peace of mind as you navigate the sale process

When it comes to the sale of big-ticket items like cars and houses, buyers will naturally try to haggle the price down. Having pre sale inspections completed (and hopefully any issues we’ve found rectified) means you and your real estate agent can negotiate with confidence. You can have peace of mind that your house is in excellent condition, worthy of the price tag.

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Combine it with a pest inspection.

Much like the pre-sale inspection itself, the value of a pest inspection cannot be overstated. Our pest inspections can be paired with our pre-sale inspection service. We’ll inspect your home, using thermal cameras, moisture meters and other technology to help detect infestations from pests like termites.

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