Pre Purchase Home Inspections

With or without pest inspection services.
Residential and Commercial Properties.

Buying a new home or commercial property? You need certainty before you take the next step. At Clearcut Building Inspections, we offer new homeowners and property investors reassurance, before you buy, with our comprehensive pre purchase building and pest inspections.


What Do We Look For and What Can You Expect?

A combined building and pest inspection specifically reports on the visual condition of a property at the time of the inspection. All inspections are completed according to Australian Standard AS4349.1 and all areas of a property that have reasonable access under this standard are inspected. Here is a general overview of the types of items you will find on a report –

  • the details of the property including size, type of construction and areas inspected
  • obstructions in and around the property that hinder proper visual inspection and any inaccessible areas
  • any serious safety hazards
  • major defects, such as structural problems, water damage and termite damage
  • minor defects including general wear and tear and any maintenance issues
  • any evidence of termites or other timber pests
  • whether there is an existing termite management plan in place
  • conducive conditions for timber pest attack
  • a general summary of our findings
  • plenty of photos

All of our reports include lots of photos to make them easier to understand. We also advise you to attend the inspection if you can. It is a lot easier to show a problem to you first hand. If we find anything that doesn’t look quite right, we can investigate further using testing equipment. Your report will be emailed to you generally on the same day as the inspection, and we are happy to speak with you post inspection to discuss any issues.

Pre Purchase Building Inspections

We commit ourselves to the delivery of easy to understand pre-purchase building reports — arming you with all the information you need before you make that big purchase. Completing thorough internal and external visual inspections, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive written report, detailing any known or suspected damage or defects in the building. We always deliver quality reports, ensuring we’re providing you with as much detail as we can, as accurately as we can.

Combined Timber Pest Inspections

You can choose to have your pre purchase building and pest inspection completed with or without a pest inspection. Having a pest inspection completed is ideal, no matter the age of your prospective property. Pest infestations, particularly termites are bad news for buildings and can cause serious structural damage. We’ll inspect the building to ensure it’s pest-free and if it’s not, we’ll provide recommendations for your next steps.

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We have the right equipment to uncover building damage.

At Clearcut Building Inspections, we’re backed up with 30 years of experience in the construction industry. However, we have a suite of tools that help us discover and diagnose damage and defects in the buildings we inspect. If we notice something isn’t quite right in our initial visual pre purchase building and pest inspection, we’ll test it using this equipment, at no additional cost to you.

Our team is equipped with modern thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters and other technology to thoroughly inspect the building.


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