Meth Testing

With inspection services or without.

Residential and Commercial Properties.

Methamphetamine contamination has no real odour and is invisible to the naked eye. This can be a great concern to any property owner or buyer. The manufacture and use of meth is a very real problem in Australia. It destroys peoples lives and it can also seriously devalue your property and create health and liabilty issues. It can also cost thousands of dollars to remediate. It’s estimated roughly 60% of clandestine meth labs are in rental properties. If meth contamination is above 0.5 micrograms per 100cm², decontamination is mandatory under Australian Law. The best way to protect yourself is to get meth testing done by Clearcut Building Inspections.


Meth Testing

We are able to screen a property for meth residue while conducting any of our inspections, particularly if you are concerned when buying a property. Meth residue creates awful health problems for people, which is the last thing you want after moving into a new home. Decontamination costs can also be very expensive.

It is also a valuable service for landlords and property managers to be able to conduct meth testing before new tenants move in. There have been incidents lately where tenants have been sueing their landlords due to meth residue causing health issues. It can deter tenants from making or using meth, if the property is regularly tested and if found early, remediation is less likely to be as expensive.

It may be beneficial to have this done before selling an investment property, protecting yourself from any potential financial loss. We can also do meth testing as a service on its own which includes a callout fee.


Meth testing with confidence.

We take samples from various locations inside the property using meth testing equipment. The samples are taken correctly according to the industry code of practice. If the samples return a positive result, analysis is then conducted using a NATA accredited laboratory which enables you to have confidence in the results.


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