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Having a new home built or undergoing a renovation? Handover inspections are the best way to ensure your new home is up to spec. We used to build new homes so we know what to look for and what is acceptable workmanship.

Handover Inspections Offer You Peace of Mind

Buying a brand new property doesn’t guarantee you a perfect structure free of defects. Unfortunately, there may be poor workmanship, damages, or defects in the building. Whether it’s a brand new home or a newly-renovated house, handover inspections offer you peace of mind before the keys are handed over. You’ll receive a comprehensive building report you can take to your builder to have any issues rectified.

We’ll look for any defects & poor workmanship

Poor workmanship, missed details, or defects in your brand new home — they may be easily missed if you’re not sure what to look for. Our team uses our in-depth knowledge and construction expertise to further uncover any missed damage or building defects in your new home. All defects are marked with painters masking tape and the location is recorded with plenty of photos, in our comprehensive handover inspection reports. We also have a range of modern tools on hand to dig deeper if we do notice any irregularities. This comes at no extra cost to you.

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You can be assured you’re getting the home you’ve paid for

A new house or a newly-renovated home, you’ve already invested your hard-earned money into its development. So, you deserve to get what you’ve paid for. You can use your professionally completed handover inspections report to have any outstanding issues rectified by your builder. Then, move into your brand new home with the reassurance it’s exactly as it should be.


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