General Building Inspections

With or without pest inspection services.
Residential and Commercial Properties.
Our company used to build new homes and complete large renovations, so we know ample about building and construction and what to look for when searching for defects. Building inspections suit property owners and investors that may get regular pest inspections but need a condition report or are genuinely concerned about any issues that may arise. Some buyers may not require a pest inspection but need advice on the condition of a property. We provide reassurance to home owners and buyers using Clearcut Building Inspections experience and expertise.

Building Inspections - What's In The Report?

A general building inspection report contains details on the visual condition of a property, at the time of the inspection. No pest report is included, but if we see evidence of timber pests or damage, we will strongly recommend that a timber pest inspection is also carried out. All inspections are completed according to Australian Standard AS4349 and all areas of a property that have reasonable access as per this standard are inspected. This includes –

  • the interior and exterior
  • the roof exterior (subject to health & safety regulations)
  • the roof space
  • the subfloor (if the property is off the ground)
  • fences and non-structural retaining walls
  • sheds, outhouses, etc
  • the grounds within 30m of the property


Here is a general overview of the types of items you will find on a report –

  • the clients details
  • the details of the property including size, type of construction and areas inspected
  • obstructions in and around the property that hinder proper visual inspection and any inaccessible areas
  • any structural defects or damage
  • conditions conducive to structural damage such as defective plumbing, roof leaks, corrosion, tree roots, subsidence, etc.
  • any serious safety hazards
  • major defects in secondary elements and finishing elements
  • minor defects including general wear and tear and any maintenance issues
  • a general summary of our findings
  • plenty of photos

All of our reports include lots of photos to make it easier to relay any issues to you. We also advise you to be there for the inspection if you can. It is a lot simpler to show a problem to you first hand and we can answer any questions you may have. If we find anything that doesn’t appear to be ok, we can delve further using testing equipment. Your report will be emailed to you generally on the same day as the inspection, and we are happy to speak with you after the inspection to discuss any matters.

building and pest inspection brisabne

We have the right equipment to uncover building damage.

At Clearcut Building Inspections, we’re backed up with 30 years of experience in the construction industry. However, we have a suite of tools that help us discover and diagnose damage and defects in the buildings we inspect. If we notice something isn’t quite right in our initial visual building inspection, we’ll test it using this equipment, at no additional cost to you.

Our team is equipped with modern thermal imaging cameras, moisture meters and other technology to thoroughly inspect the building.


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