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Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

This report is about the overall condition of a property and its susceptibility to timber pests.  Most buyers will generally have a 7 or 14 day building and pest clause in their Contract of Sale.  You may be able to use the building and pest report to negotiate the price.  The inspection can also be done prior to auction day for the buyer.

Pre Sale Building and Pest Inspections

This report is similar to a pre purchase inspection but is done for the vendor. These inspections can be a useful tool by finding problems you didn’t know existed and having them rectified prior to listing your property for sale. This enables you to have a better chance of getting the price you want.

General Building Inspections

This report can be done before a buyer purchases a property, before a vendor places the property on the market or just as a general building report for a homeowner which examines the structural integrity and condition of a building.  Building inspections can be beneficial to landlords looking for a condition report, apartment owners in high rises or anyone who does not require a pest inspection.  We will specify any safety hazards, and all minor and major defects.

Timber Pest Inspections

This inspection looks at termites and timber pest activity, the design of a property and its potential risk for a timber pest attack. We search for any old or current signs of activity and conditions that will attract timber pests.  We also report on ways they could get into a property and how you can prevent this from happening.

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Handover Inspections

This report is completed on a new property prior to handover of keys, certificates, warranties and the like.  Make sure your new home is built to a quality standard by your builder and that the finished work is up to scratch.  We also point out any minor or major defects and help you get what you paid for.

Home Warranty Inspections

Once you have settled with the builder for your new home, the builder may have a 12 month defect liability period to repair any defects. They are also responsible for any structural defects for a period of up to 6 years and 6 months from the date the Contract was signed. It pays to get inspections done before both deadlines to ensure you can have any issues rectified.


Dilapidation Reports

This report examines cracks and settlement in buildings at a given point in time.  An inspection is completed on a property and then a second inspection may be done at a later date to compare the change in condition of the property over this time.  These reports are often completed for a property or neighbouring property prior to major construction and/or earthworks and then again at completion.  Dilapidation reports can also be used to monitor subsidence and other movement in existing buildings.


Meth Testing

We are able to screen a property for meth residue while conducting any of our inspections, particularly if you are concerned when buying a property.  It is also a valuable service for landlords and property managers to be able to conduct these tests before new tenants move in. It may also pay to have this done before selling an investment property. We can also do meth testing as a service on its own which includes a callout fee.

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