Straightforward building and pest reports delivered the same day.

At Clearcut Building Inspections, we strive to provide transparent and straightforward building and pest inspection reports the same day. Using our modern reporting system and 30 years of experience, we’re able to deliver easy-to-understand and clear-cut reports to give Brisbane and Sunshine Coast home buyers, commercial property buyers and body corporates the reassurance they need to make smart choices.

Get direct assistance and advice from the builder.

When buying a new property, you need good technical building advice from someone who has been there, done that. Someone who has worked on building sites for years and has good knowledge across all building trades. Building and pest inspections also require a keen eye for detail and someone who is patient and thorough. With Clearcut Building Inspections, this is what you get – practical experience from an industry professional.

Personal Service From An Independent Inspector

30 Years Experience

Easy-To-Understand Building Reports

The Latest Technology

Same Day Reports

Always Transparent & Precise


Pre Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

With or without a pest inspection.

Our no-fuss pre-purchase inspections offer investors and new home buyers reassurance before you buy. We will look for issues like suspected water damage, structural damage and termite activity.

Handover Inspections

Ready to meet your builder on-site to pick up the keys for your newly built home, apartment or townhouse? We partner with soon-to-be homeowners to complete handover inspections and we’ll provide you with a clear and straightforward report specifying any suspected defects or issues.

Pre-Sale Building and Pest Inspections

Planning to sell your home? Know where you stand with our pre-sale building inspections. We’ll complete a comprehensive building (and pest) inspection that will provide you with a report that clearly sets out what might need to be done prior to listing your home.

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About Clearcut Building Inspections

Comprising nearly 30 years experience in the industry, Clearcut Building Inspections is dedicated to making the building and pest inspections process simple. We work to provide comprehensive and accurate reports while minimising the construction speak. We’re committed to making our reports easy to understand.


Book your Building and Pest Inspection in Brisbane.

Ready to book a building inspection? Head to our contact page and fill in the form. Have a question or need a quote? Our team is happy to help. Get in touch with us or fill in the form and we’ll get back to you.


Rapid & Elite Building and Pest Inspections Services

Planning on purchasing, conducting a handover or selling a property, house or business? It’s a big decision when you are in any of these situations. Hiring a qualified building inspector can be the first step in giving you the right tools for the job. Brisbane Northside and the Sunshine Coast are sprawled urban environments, filled with properties just made for living in and doing business in. You need peace of mind when making pre-purchase decisions or selling your property.  By completing inspections on time and with absolute state of the art equipment, we give you the best services at the best cost.


Thorough Pest Inspection Services

rPests are invasive and can cause structural and internal damage, and contribute to timber decay. Above all, termites are one of the most common problems. These little critters can infest a property and cause severe damage to the timber components of any house or other residential structure. Pests can ruin a properties value instantly, reducing your investment to ashes. Our pest and termite inspection services for the Brisbane Northside and Sunshine Coast areas deliver unrivalled solutions and the best possible outcomes.


Unrivalled Residential & Commercial Solutions

We believe in customer to business trust and perform our services based on the backbone of experience and qualifications in our field of expertise. We know how important it is to have safe and secure homes for our families and loved ones. So we provide price effective solutions for our clients that are comprehensive and state of the art. Trust and professionalism are what ClearCut Building Inspections has based its workmanship on and displays this to all clients, small or big.

Client To Business Trust

One of the core values we have here at ClearCut Building Inspections is our work ethic and customer relations. We believe in providing the best possible services to you, our valued customers and to other businesses. We don’t just do the job right, we make sure you are left with a great experience and the best possible outcomes. We realise how important and how much our reports have an influence on your safety and wellbeing, and the smooth process of buying or selling your home.

Comprehensive Building Inspection Report

Detailed reporting has never been simpler or more state of the art with our complete building inspection reports. They are easy to understand, formatted and displayed in a simple to read fashion. They include all the facts, information and plenty of photos that we  gather using our professional inspection techniques. 

A Building Inspector With An Eye For Detail

When you need a professional building inspector, you need the person with the right experience and qualifications to make sure your new home or the one you are selling is conforming to local and state building laws and is as safe as possible to live in.